About Us

Cherry Beach Sound is a full service facility for music, mastering, voice-overs, audio post production, Film / TV production, digital multimedia, and audio enhancement.

We have 35 years of history under our belt, turning us into the multi-million dollar studio we are today. We provide an atmosphere of comfort and professionalism as a Toronto based production facility.

We will continue to lead the industry as we have for over 35 years. No matter the scale, we complete projects on time, on budget, with unparalleled excellence

Cherry Beach Sound is a part of The Munition Factory, a one stop solution for all of your media needs. Our facility is located in the heart of the Toronto Film District area, making it a great location for all types of media and creative based businesses.

The Munition Factory comprises of:

Cherry Beach Sound | Audio and Music Production

Beauty Mark Solutions | Beauty Solutions

Silent Sound Productions | Audio/Video Equipment Rental and Repair

Cherry Jam Rehearsal  | Long Term/Large Scale Rehearsal Facility

Pro Rehearsal & Backline | Fully Equipped Rehearsal Rooms

Musique Corazon | Composition and Production

OptimizeMe | Digital Marketing Agency

B.A.T.L. | Private Event Venue

Hume Media | Print & Distribution Services

Pureblink | Creative Design Services

Raven Banner | Film Production

Flexafit | Fitness Services

PG Vocals | Vocal Services

Sean Ward Show | YouTube Personality